Friday, August 14, 2009

My first...

A few months ago, I was minding my own business, enjoying a leisurely wake up routine on a weekend morning...had just brushed my hair and twisted it up to secure with my customary hair clip when I saw a glimmer. What the... ?? I KNOW my hair can be yummy and glossy....ON a GOOD hair day, that is, but this shiny? No way!

I twisted my head this way and that and finally the perfect shaft of light caught the culprit. Nestled among still beautiful, silky black hair, sat sanctimoniously, one pristine white one! Aaahh! Eeeek! The violins from the movie Psycho sudddenly crescendo around me!

Oh ... my... goodness! I have NEVER been known to be vain...and that day, I discovered that perhaps even I, had a vain streak in me. I had no idea this would be my reaction to the discovery of my first white hair. I's inevitable, right? We all age?

So - why exactly was I "aahh -ing" and "eeek-ing"? Was it a sudden reminder of my biological clock? Er.. nope, have not seemed to care about that in a while. Was it because gosh darn, now I will have to consider colouring my hair like most of my friends? Err...don't think so either.

So, what was the big deal about one measly cylindrical, keratinized, often pigmented filament, growing from the epidermis of a mammal, namely me? I'm gonna disappoint you. I have not yet found my answer. Note, I said MY answer...not THE answer.

Some weeks later, a cherished friend suggested I take a look at hip fashion magazines to have an idea what was "hot" and what was "not". I took his suggestion, to come away from the magazines quite disturbed. Almost every page I turned was a suggestion that this was the "must-have" item...that was the "must-have" look...and over there was the "must-have" hairdo. Instead of feeling great, I felt lacking. Probably also coz all the women featured looked like they were about 5 foot 10 inches tall, maybe 120 lbs tops...with smooth flawless skin, glowing hair, wearing clothes and accessories which cost was similar to an entire year of swimming lessons for both my kids!

I don't want to age thinking I'm not good enough! I AM GREAT! I have been around the block, I have seen things, experienced others.... loved... lost... lived through it all. I am better than I have ever been AND I am NOT in my 20s!

There is one company though, that I believe, have a great message about true beauty. Dove has a beauty campaign that I love... encouraging women of all looks and sizes to be mentors to young girls growing teach them what true beauty is all about. It's not all about being a size 2 or size 0 (What on earth is a size 0?? A whisp of thin air??) It's about being comfortable in your own skin, it's about seeing beauty beyond the skin. Here's a look at one of their commercials. Hope you like it and that I attached it properly. I loved it. If someone can do my hair and make up and then airbrush me too, I would look just as awesome as the model. Even so, without all the extras I mentioned, I believe I look just as awesome as the model. The video, can be found on Dove's website and is called Evolution (in case I posted this wrongly)

Dove Evolution Video on Youtube