Monday, August 3, 2009

Kids Say The Darndest Things ... including my own

Wow - long time no blog. Too little time to do too many things. Intimidated by the numerous interesting and beautiful blogs out there too. Reminds me of something I read recently...lemme see if I can remember - Envy makes it hard to have friends. Everybody has something I don't have.

Yeah? Yeah!

So, my brother has said that he enjoyed my earlier writings (not posted) that were borne of my funny bone. 'Tis been a bit hard to find funny things in my adult world full of adult-sized responsibilities lately. But I will try to find my way back... maybe by way of my kids.

Here's what was heard today. Kiki (girl) is 9 and King Tee (boy) is 6.

Me: Hey guys! (after getting off the phone) Wanna go to Amber's birthday party ?(Amber - neighbour and not her real name)

Kids: YEAH!!!

Kiki: But Tee, it's gonna be a princess theme okay coz she's a little girl so don't be a baby about it.

King Tee: I don't care. I LIKE birthday parties. Be'coz everbody's happy and everybody has fun and people get presents. When's the party?

Me: This weekend. She's turning 5.

King Tee: Five??!!! (stunned!...and he puts his hand to his brow..) They grow up so fast..