Sunday, December 28, 2008

Still on holidays this winter!!

Well, it's the 28th December and I'm still on hols. Yabbadabbadoo!!!

Spent some time learning about blog layouts and picked some things to share with you who visit. I discovered that I don't really keep to the definition of "favourite" very well. Ha-ha! See my list of movies.

Searching for my favourite songs to share with you was somewhat fun as well. I cannot imagine my world without music. I have somewhat of an eclectic taste though. The links include current favourites. Some are there because of the amazing lyrics while others are there because of the musicality of the songs. I cannot tolerate monotonous music. I thought I would include a link to Mix 96 Montreal as this is what I listen to daily. A piece of my world for you....

Over the last three days, we've experienced all ranges of winter weather... snow, ice, rain, wind.... Yesterday was pure ice. Major roads were fine but secondary roads were all skating were driveways and front steps to homes.

The good news is my kids just love this! Little T. kept taking little runs across the ground to finish in slides and glides with a giddy "Wheeeee!". Daddy says that's what all Canadian kids do, to learn to walk on ice. Phew! Great to see the kids being Canadians. I do hope it will snow again during hols though (yeah, I know some people will want to smack me for this wish) so that we can take the kids out sledding.

Anyway, I got to see some photos of friends spending time in malls back home in Malaysia. And everyone's dressed in short sleeves and shorts, standing in front of winter scenes. So cute! Come on over pals! Especially those who lived here 20 years ago. Let's properly reminisce what -20C weather is like. LOL!

I miss those good ol' days and my lovely, lovely friends who became like family to me. I better end this post now before I get all teary-eyed and emotional like a girlie girl.

Love y'all lots. Be good everyone! Enjoy the winter scene that I posted (while sipping ice cappuccinos in your shorts and T-shirts!).



  1. I miss the snow. The last time I encountered heavy snowfall was in Munich a couple of years back.

    Katelynn who has yet to experience snow says she likes snow because she can build a snowman! As I recall my Beloit days, building a snowman is not an easy task.

    For me, snow is best to ski in, toboggan down, have snowball fights and to take pictures of. I still remember a retreat we went to many years back in Canada while visiting. I was out in pants and a T-shirt trying to squish snow into a ball. Clueless Malaysian, some might say. O well, the magic of snow does get some kids a bit giddy. And some kids don't grow out of their love for it.

    Yesterday, I told a new aquaintance from Montreal of the video you posted on your FaceBook page, the one of the man scraping ice and snow off "his" car. He burst out laughing!

    Anyways, Katelynn and I enjoyed ourselves swimming at a pool party a friend of hers threw yesterday. That's how we enjoy the "season" here in Malaysia.


  2. The hurt me!

    Yeah...making a snowman is an art...and really, it happens just like in the cartoons (much to Aun's surprise). My kids LOVE snow. Will write about it the next big snowfall so I can take photos and post.

    That video...unfortunately the work in scraping is very real. Gotta plan for the extra time.

    Thanks for reading the blog.